Online Program

Women in Leadership

Program Overview

Women have always been at the forefront of policy change and breaking barriers. Today’s female executives work hard to balance personal and professional lives while exceeding expectations. Resilience and determination continue to empower women toward their goals to become chiefs of industry.

Learn to navigate the nuances of thought leadership, barrier destruction, and organizational influence with the online Women in Leadership Certificate program offered by the UT Center for Professional Education & Lifelong Learning.

This program is powered by Zschool, a full-service educational partner that delivers exceptional, highly engaging curricula to professionals across a variety of industries. 

Discover impactful skills and tools for leadership, resulting in an improved bottom line.

Learn the secrets of happiness for work-life balance.

Set goals for negotiation and strategy and make actionable plans.

Understand the many facets of transformational and transactional leadership and its effect on obtaining an ethical ROI.

Assert your power and position without compromising integrity.

Program Description

From your initial personal leadership assessment, to team building, negotiation strategies, communications, organizational culture, and more, be ready to roll up your sleeves and apply new skills in this hands-on, interactive program.

Create a schedule that works for you and complete the eight-module program at your convenience. You can earn your certificate in under 32 hours.

You will work on your own projects and use best practices developed by top companies. Female experts and professional instructors guide you through each step. Your projects are reviewed, and mentoring is provided. You continuously build your toolset and develop your own, personalized Leadership Portfolio.

Included with the program:

+ Actionable leadership skills assessment

+ Workbooks, ebooks, and posters

+ Strategic plan for mentorship opportunities

+ Diversity, equity, and inclusion checklist

+ Leadership toolkit and portfolio of best practices

Fee: $4,995

Start anytime.

Program Courses

Module 1 – Pillars of Positivity

Module 2 – Inspiring Emotional Intelligence

Module 3 – Winning Work-Life Balance & Mentoring​​​​

Module 4 – Improving Communication Habits

Module 5 – Advocacy, Actions & Accountability

Module 6 – Skills for Contracts & Negotiations

Module 7 – Driving Ideas, Intellectual Growth & Transformation

Module 8 – Executive Leadership & Organizational Culture

Capstone Projects: Women in Leadership Personal Growth and Organizational Strategic Plans

Advance Your Leadership Skills