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Data Science & Analytics Bootcamp

Program Overview

Master the leading tools required to manipulate and interpret data through the UT Center for Professional Education & Lifelong Learning’s online Data Science & Analytics Bootcamp.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 27.9% increase in job opportunities through 2026 because of the growing demand for skills linked to data science.

Virtual Hands-on Labs 

Real-world Projects 

Career Services 

Program Description

In this online program, you’ll build a working knowledge of employer-aligned skills, including Transact-SQL, Excel, PowerBI, data visualization, Python, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Pandas. 

We have access to more data today than ever, but making sense of the information around us requires a keen understanding of data science and analytical tools.

Transform big data into meaningful business decisions with the Data Science and Analytics Bootcamp powered by QuickStart.  

Duration: 28 weeks

Fee: $7,900

Program Features and Courses

Duration – Immersive and flex bootcamps are 28 weeks long.

Virtual Office Hour Sessions Flex bootcamps offer 2 hour mentoring (virtual office hour) sessions per week, and immersive bootcamps offer 2 hour mentoring (virtual office hour) sessions twice per week.

Capstone Projects – You will demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learned throughout the bootcamp on your capstone projects.

Career Support QuickStart’s career services assist students in their efforts in finding a role in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through resume building, mock interviews, and internship and job opportunities access.

Virtual Hands-on Labs – Our virtual hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real-world scenarios.

Annual Course Access – You will have 12-month access to the program content.

1: Introduction to Data Science and Analytics

2: Introduction to Mathematics for Data Science

3: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

4: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300)

5: Exploratory Data Analysis: 1st Data Science Project

6: Introduction to Python for Data Science

7: Essential Math for Machine learning: Python Edition

8: Data Science Research Methods: Python Edition

9: Application of Machine learning: Python Implementations

Plus Many More Courses and Projects

Student Testimonial

This course is perfect for anyone trying to scale up in the industry. The classes are well structured and helped me in preparing for my DASCA certification exams.​ For me, this course was worth every penny, and I am pleased with its versatility. We were able to touch on neural networks with Keras and TF2. ​It further boosted my confidence in having a firm data science and analytics foundation and rekindled my desire to learn.​ I enjoyed my time here and will recommend it to anybody interested in learning more about data science and analytics.


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