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Software Engineering Bootcamp

Program Overview

Our online Software Engineering Bootcamp offers immersive training in the top skills employers look for in software engineers, including computer architecture, data structures, and algorithms, and designing and developing websites.

Virtual Hands-on Labs

Real-world Projects

Career Services

Program Description

A popular branch of computer science, software engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields today. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 25% employment growth of software engineering roles over the next 10 years, with as many as 189,200 positions open annually.  

With an average starting salary of $79,000 (PayScale, 2022), pursuing this in-demand profession offers a significant return on investment. 

Duration: 23 weeks 

Fee: $7,900 

Program Features and Courses

Duration: Immersive and flex bootcamps are 23 weeks long.

Virtual Office Hour Sessions: Flex bootcamps offer 2 hour mentoring (virtual office hour) sessions per week, and immersive bootcamps offer 2 hour mentoring (virtual office hour) sessions twice per week.

Capstone projects: You will demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learned throughout the bootcamp on your capstone projects.

Career Support: QuickStart’s career services assist students in  their efforts in finding a role in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through resume  building, mock interviews, and internship and job opportunities access.

Virtual Hands-on Labs: Our virtual hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real-world scenarios.

Annual course access: You will have 12-month access to the program content.

1: Study and Learning Skills For College and University Students

2: Principles of Software Engineering I: Principles of Engineering, Software Development Lifecycle

3: CompTIA IT Fundamentals ITF+ (FCO-U61)

4: Starting with Git & GitHub

5: Introduction to Web Development

6: Introduction to HTML and CSS

7: Introduction to UX and Product Management

8: Introduction to Bootstrap

9: Project 01: Basic Business or Personal Website

Plus Many More Courses and Projects

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