Online Program

Digital Marketing Certificate

Program Overview

Distinguish yourself by earning a Digital Marketing Certificate through the University of Tennessee Center for Professional Education & Lifelong Learning.

This program is powered by Zschool, a full-service educational partner that delivers exceptional, highly engaging curricula to professionals across a variety of industries. 

Build your own career toolkit and Digital Marketing Portfolio

Program Description

Learn how to promote your brand to connect with potential customers and use techniques to strengthen existing relationships. Walk away with the latest integrated strategies to win in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Create a schedule that works for you and complete the eight-module program at your convenience. You can earn your certificate in under 32 hours.

You will solve your own challenges and use best practices developed by top companies. Marketing experts guide you through each step. Build your toolset and develop your unique, personalized portfolio.

Program highlights:

+ Identify your actionable SMART goals plan

+ Define your Customer Charter Statement

+ Develop a channel strategies approach

+ Formulate key performance indicators and return on investment metrics

+ Establish your new campaign strategy

+ Build your professional digital marketing portfolio

Fee: $4,995

Program Features and Courses

Module 1 – Digital Strategy

Module 2 – Client Insight: The Ultimate Guide

Module 3 – Marketing ​Automation

Module 4 – Content Marketing

Module 5 – Social Media

Module 6 – ​Drive Leads & Sales with Paid Search

Module 7 – Data & Analytics

Module 8 – Digital Transformation

Capstone Project: Digital Marketing Portfolio

Develop Smarter Marketing & Connect to Business Impact